Getting Started

Below you will find the links to register to register for the Learn to Dive, Future Champions and Junior Olympic and Summer Camp.


  1. Lessons and Team Registration
  2. Summer Camp Registration
  3. Terms and Conditions

For team Application please register with USA Diving and AAU. Below you will find instructions on how to register with both organization. YOU MUST HAVE THESE MEMBERSHIPS IN ORDER TO PRACTICE!

1. Click on this link
2. If this is the first time registering wit USA Diving, click on Join USA Diving. If you already have a membership, log in an renew
your membership.
3. For Junior Olympic (JO) divers competing at Regional, Zones, and National Championships select Competitive Gold Membership $75. For Learn to Dive or Future Champion divers competing at a local lavel select Competitive Blue Membership $20.
4. Select the Local Diving Association in which you reside or train: FLA Gold Coast.
5. Select the club with which you train or are affiliated: Miami Diving.
6. Fill out your child’s information then click continue and waiver.
7. Then you will be ask to pay with MasterCard or Visa. Click Join and you are all set.
8. If you need any help, please contact me USA Diving at 317-237-5252


1. Go to this link
2. Fill out child’s information
3. When asked for Program select Youth Program.
4. When asked for Membership Fee select Athlete Membership (Added Benefit Fee) $18.
5. When asked for Sport select Diving.
6. When asked for AAU Club Name write Miami Diving.
7. When asked for AAU Club Code write WYW5D6.
8. Click Continue. Read Agreement and click on I have read and agree.
9. Click on Click Here to Check Out. (You do not need to order shirt).
10. Fill out credit card information and press continue.